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A Palestinian's Journey - From the Crescent to the Cross

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Founder and author Akef Tayem. Palestinian Arab born in Haifa, Israel. Currently living in Texas, USA


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Author Akef Tayem,

far right at Barn and Nobles new books release event at Ft. Benning Georgia

A Mosque on GROUND ZERO A Church in Saudi 


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Akef's new 374-page book published by TBN subsidiary Trilogy publishing

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$ 18.99

$ 9.99

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                   American Author's Assn. Reviewer:  W.H McDonald, Jr -AAA Founder


     "I was completely astounded at how this author took the three major world religions; Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, and summed them up in  a 333-page book. He not only explained the gist of these major religions but their origins and how they influenced each other’s beginnings. I found this most fascinating. His methodology is to be commended. He used a practical approach that I imagined most everyday people would use when undertaking such a path of self-discovery."


The secluded forest just

north of Trussville,

Alabama was serene and

beckoning. My whole 

"...The form of a man began to take shape.

He walked towards me.

stopped an arm's  length 

away and said 'touch me'

was crying out for solitude to sort out what took place at the tent meeting... and angry with myself for  attending.

Several days have passed. I did not want to face anyone. The mere thought of food nauseated me. I went deeper into the forest.. basking into nothingness, hours turned into days and days into became irrelevant. About forty days have passed.. suddenly reality and fear crept in. I could barely walk.. I wanted to go back but too weak to do so... my fingers became as parched paper... my lips sore, cracked and bleeding...I prayed for rain. If I could just get a sip of water and wet my face.. I felt dizzy.. the trees seemed to be hanging from the sky.. 

being was crying

Jesus has a special place in a Muslim’s heart and mind. He is viewed with the utmost respect. He is seen as being favored by God because of certain ‘favours’ that set Him apart and above all other prophets:

*Jesus, the Son of Mary (Isa iben Myriam) in Arabic


        *Jesus has a special place in a Muslim’s heart and mind. He is viewed with the utmost respect. *He is seen as being favored by God because of certain ‘favours’ that set [1]Him apart and above all other prophets:

     (1) Born of a virgin (Quran 3:45-47).  (2) The only ‘individual’ ever born holy and righteous and who remained sinless throughout his lifetime on earth (Quran19:19). (3) Jesus’ amazing miracles and healings (Quran 5:110). (4) According to Islam, *Jesus was not [2]crucified. Muslims believe Allah took Him to heaven (Quran 4:157). (5) Allah gives Jesus (chosen over all other prophets) the honour and ‘favour’ of visibly descending from heaven in the last days—at the Day of Judgement (Quran 43:61). (6) *Jesus, like Moses before Him, was also given a ‘book’ from Allah, called the Injil’ (gospel) (Quran 5:46). (7) *Jesus is the only individual ever born that Satan had no power to [3]touch. (8) *Jesus was the only one amongst the prophets to whom Allah strengthens (gives) the Holy Spirit [Quran 2:87]. (9) *Jesus, unlike any other prophet, was made ‘equal’ to Allah due to the special favour given Him to create[4] life.  (Quran 5:110)

*Muhammad seeks Intercessor

In *Muhammad's  'NIGHT JOURNRY'  the prophet of Islam realizes the need for an intercessor and asks ADAM to be the one         Here is the link to the story as told in Islamic Traditions.                             (al-Isra wal-Miraj) in Arabic

It is from this spot where *Muhammad, the prophet of Islam implies one of Christianity's tenets - Inherent Sin.

dome 2.jpg

The Dome of the Rock where Muhammad, according to Islam, on his ascent to heaven meets several prophets including

Jesus, and speaks with Adam and Moses. 

         According to the 'Hadith' (Islamic Traditions) while ascending to God's throne, Muhammad sees his followers gathered outside the gates of paradise. He inquires of Adam and tells him to go to Allah and intercede for his followers that they may enter paradise. Adam responds 'I am not the intercessor you are looking for, because of my disobedience [ in the Garden]

Very interesting. The implication is that Adam could not be the intercessor because of his sinful nature. Only one person according to Islam was born holy (Muslims believe in the virgin birth of Jesus). Here is the link to: 

Sons of Abraham Ministries, Inc

Tax-excempt non profit Christian ministery

Unshackled !

"We are destined, not doomed, to live together"

Reuven Rivlin-president of Israel

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