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 In the introductory, I related how the stimulus for the writing of this book was the aftermath of the 9-11 attack on the Twin Towers, in New York by Muslim extremists, and the subsequent invasion of Iraq. It was August 2005. Cindy Sheehan was protesting the Iraq war at President George W. Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. I made a large four-foot by eight-foot sign to show my support for the President and thanking the troops fighting in Iraq, and headed to Crawford Texas. I made a mock grave of a fallen U.S soldier that was visited and photographed by hundreds and was the focus of an article in the National Review. 


                        Michelle Malkin: A                         NOBLE CAUSE
                        November 25, 2005                                  10:20 AM Via AP/CNN
                                   Today's Voice of Sanity                                          Award goes to Akef Tayem of Dallas, Texas, who traveled to Crawford to counter Cindy Sheehan and her moonbat minions outside President Bush's ranch on Thanksgiving.
Via AP/CNN: A few miles away in a field beside the main road leading to Bush's ranch, a lone Bush supporter set up camp Thursday with a tent and signs reading: "A Noble Cause." The signs showed pictures of smiling Iraqi children. Akef Tayem, who participated in pro-Bush rallies in Crawford this summer, said he returned because he felt Bush was under pressure to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq. But Tayem said that would be a mistake because Iraqis want democracy and appreciate what the U.S. is doing, especially the ousting of Saddam Hussein."Perhaps the troops, they feel like they don't get gratitude or a thank you, and I'll come and say 'Thank you' in my own way because it's Thanksgiving," said Tayem, who lives in Dallas and has relatives in Jordan.

Michelle Malkin: A NOBLE CAUSE -->

Meanwhile, here's what the "Iraqi resistance," so adored by the anti-war Left, was up to yesterday:

A suicide bomber blew up his car outside a hospital south of Baghdad on Thursday while U.S. troops handed out candy and food to children, killing 30 people and wounding about 40, including four Americans.

(More from Spc. Phil Van Treuren and Major K. on slanted media coverage of the incident.)

And don't forget this searing reminder of what separates the noble from the savage from embedded blogger Michael Yon.

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Doc Date: Aug/25/2005 (posted Aug/25/2005 3:41 PM)



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