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                      Jesus called Isa, and                           referred to as 'son                               of Mary', is found in                              ninety verses in the                            Quran and mentio-      ned one hundred and eighty      seven times. 

In the Quran, Allah bestows special favors upon Jesus that set him apart from all other prophets i.e, his virgin birth; his ability to raise the dead; his favor to create life - as only Allah can... 

MUHAMMAD'S NIGHT JOURNEY (Al-Isra' wal-Mi'raj). The prophet of Islam is aware of Inherent sin, and asks Adam, to interced for his followers:

Muhammad, the prophet of Islam has difficulty explaining to his followers the prerequisites for entering Paradise.

Al Aqsa mosque.jpg

Muhammad, as told in Islamic literature, is transported via flight, from Medina to the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, riding a 'heavenly creature'

Quran 17:1, Sura an-Najm Al-Masjid ai-Aqsa

Chapter Two: though Islam was founded upon the Laws of Moses and the writings of the prophets of the Torah/Old Testament, Muslims refuse to read it because they believe it has been altered. In Chapter 2, I will give the Muslim reader irrefutable evidence from the Qur’an,[1] Islam’s most reliable source, that Muhammad accused the Jewish people of inventing new doctrines and concealing the truth, but not of altering the Torah. ‘Muhammad replied “but you have invented new doctrines, and you deny that which


[1] Please refer to glossary on pages 243 -247.

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